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"clown, circus and live music"

The three shows of street theater of Martademarte & Cia were born as a common project between Martademarte and Alfredo Papanatas. Our shows (Papantas Band, The Impossible Things and Soft) have been molded through the experience acting for adults and children in the street, in many spaces and in public and private performances.

To carry out our creations we start from three fundamental bases:

  • That it can reach the largest possible audience without discrimination based on age, sex, nationality, language, religion or social origin. That is why clown, circus and live music are the languages used.
  • Games of simple and picturesque humor, understandable to all audiences. These games are not an end in themselves, but are always born from a crazy vision of the world full of reality and positive optimism.
  • Use minimal material to facilitate assembly / disassembly and light luggage travel. Space should never be an impediment, but a challenge to overcome.

With his shows Martademarte & Cia Teatro has been present at different Festivals of Street Theater in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, India, Kuwait, Dubai, …