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The Impossible Things


“Alice laughed:
– There’s no use trying, she said.
One can’t believe impossible things.
– I daresay you haven’t had much practice, said the Queen.
When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”.

Lewis Carroll.
… like walking on bottles



Based on improvisation, the show grows and adapts to its audience with every performance .

We conceived of this street theater company as the bond that unites us to all kinds of audiences. We offer accessible creations, with simple forms, aiming to adapt us to everything and everybody. Based on the idea of a show that evolves with its audience, we create flexible forms, deconstructing in order to reconstruct. It is the art en motion that is nourished by the encounter between audience and characters.

This exchange process of proximity and discovery is the path to in the end open the street theater. The music and clown for everybody, to make the audience participate in our creativity and awaken their own.

Name of show

The Impossible Things

Performance participants

Martademarte: Clown , dance and tightrope
Alfredo Ruiz: Clown and guitar

Type of show

Street theater, clown, tightrope walking and music


minimum 20m – maximum 50m


No words

Type pf amplification

Amp (20W) with small battery


‘The Impossible Things’ is a vibrant and unique musical spectacle that merges the magic of the circus, the elegance of dance, and the comedic expression of physical theater, starring two endearing clowns and a trunk. The street becomes a musical universe and a dynamic space where skill and humor intertwine in a ballet of laughter and balance to bring the audience and artists closer together.
With ‘The Impossible Things,’ we celebrate courage, creativity, and pushing boundaries: the only thing impossible is what isn’t attempted.

Awards of the company

  • Award best female act Stadtspektakel Landshut (Germany).
  • Jury prize for best OFF show at Zomer Festival in Menen (Belgium):
    “Thanks to its contact with the audience, imagination, poetry, originality and character development the prize is awarded to Martademarte & The International Papanatas Band”.
  • Audience award for best street show at Entrepayasaos clown meeting in Zaragoza (Spain).
  • Award for the best show at the Mujeres con Narices festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).

Some Festivals…

Stadtspektakel Landshut (GER)
Les Années Joué (FRA)
Zomer Festival Menen (BEL)
Zomer Festival Lauwe (BEL)
Streettheatre Festival “De Ronde Venen” (NED)
Straßenkünstlerfestival Haslach (GER)
Festival Klagenfurt (AUT)
Pflasterzauber (GER)
Pflasterspektakel Linz (AUT)
KUNST en op Straat (NED)
Klagenfurt (AUT)
Interlaken (SUI)
Spancirfest Varaždin (CRO)
Murenschalk (AUT)
La Mostra d’Igualada (ES)
Mitjó (ES)
Viladecans (ES)
Clownic Torrelles de Foix (ES)
Mujeres con Narices, Canarias (ES)
Font Arts (FR)
Artidistrada Ascona (SUI)